A Randomly Great Idea

Music lessons for doily collectors.

You know, that just might work in Victoria. Imagine That.

Do You Know Victoria?

Vancouver Island

  • Island Population


  • Annual Tourist Visits

    3.5 Million

  • Land Mass

    Big As Belgium

Vancouver Island

We’re the largest Pacific Island east of New Zealand, full of rainforest, mountains, lakes, wildlife and imaginative people.

Our City

Our location and immersive culture make the city's economy perfect for business ideas born from an imaginative standpoint.

Victoria, BC
  • Capital of British Columbia Established: 1862
  • Metro Area Population in 2011: 344,630
  • Victoria has Canada's highest household internet usage.
  • Tokyo


  • San Francisco


  • New York


  • Moon


  • Vancouver


  • Seattle


  • Portland


It's a Nice Place to Be

Mild Climate Imagine That!

We have Canada's mildest climate, and are the second sunniest city in the province.

Bike Victoria Was Voted Canada's Smartest City Fittest City Cyclist Capital Most Walkable
Romantic City

Victoria has Canada's oldest Chinatown. And as one of our country's oldest cities, we also have a castle. That's right, a castle.

  • Victoria Landscape
  • Top North American Island Condé Nast Traveller
  • Canada's Smartest City Maclean's Magazine
  • Microcity of the future Financial Times

Every Single Day in Victoria

  • 9

    Local Breweries

    22,500 Litres

    Beer Brewed Daily


    Consumed on Vancouver Island Beer Tap
  • 1,050 LBS

    Coffee Beans Brewed Daily


    Local Artisan Roasters


    Exceptional Local Cafes Imagine That!

    At the 2011 Western Canadian barista competition in Vancouver, 7 of the 12 competitors were from Victoria.

    Coffee Cup
  • Dozens

    Of Local-Focused Restaurants


    Vancouver Island Farms


    Wineries, Cideries, Meaderies & Distilleries


    Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing

Beauty and Brains?


Post-Secondary Students


Universities & Colleges

Over 12

Alternative Campuses


Federal Research Labs Imagine That!

Victoria consistently ranks first or second place in the yearly Maclean's Magazine “Best Schools in Canada” review.

Higher Education Imagine That!

Times Higher Education's world university rankings put University of Victoria at 196th in the world (top 1%), and 9th in Canada.

True Stories

  • Victoria has the second highest number of restaurants per capita in North America.

  • 14% of Canada's Olympic team, and numerous world-class atheletes and medalists call Victoria home.

  • National Geographic says we are one of the best cold water diving destinations in the world.

Rocking Chair
Big Mountains

Some Local Highlights

  • Eat This

    • Highlander Roll at Shizen Sushi
    • Eggs Benedict at Nourish Cafe
    • Almond Burger at Rebar
    • Tamarind Pork Belly at Foo
    • Baguette or Treats at Foi Epi
    • Steak Frites at Brasserie L'Ecole
    • Tacones from Red Fish Blue Fish
    • Anything with Candied Bacon at Jam
    • Bison Burger at Pink Bicycle
    • Huarache at Hernande'z
    • Pizza from Prima Strada
  • Drink This

    • Spin The Wheel at Veneto Lounge
    • Barrel-Aged Cocktail at Clive's
    • Wine at Stage
    • A Pint on the Canoe Patio at Sunset
    • Coffee at Habit, Discovery, or Fantastico
    • Fine Whiskey at the Argyle Attic
    • Tour One of the 9 Breweries
    • Victoria Gin
    • Tea at The Empress
  • Wander Here

    • Government Street
    • Market Square and LoJo (Lower Johnson)
    • Ogden Point Breakwater
    • Beacon Hill Park
    • Inner Harbour
    • Chinatown
    • The Atrium Building
    • Royal BC Museum
    • Dallas Road Beach
    • Cook Street and Fernwood Villages
    • Fan Tan, Trounce, and Dragon Alleys
Downtown Victoria

Our Imagination Economy

  • Rob Jaul - Jawl Properties

    Being on an island seems to have imbued Victoria with the impetus to think a little differently. It has increasingly become a city that is welcoming to newcomers, open to new ideas and business ventures, and offers a fertile landscape for young entrepreneurs to establish themselves absent of the barriers to entry present in many larger cities. Victoria's culture has also evolved in a manner that prizes community orientation and embraces local businesses and initiatives. This has enabled me in a professional context to have the privilege of working with many passionate individuals who not only have dreamed up great ideas but have found the conditions required to roll up their sleeves and bring them to life.

  • Jesse Campbell - Bully Creative

    Within three short years of arriving in Victoria, I've seen the awakening of a city. The creative class is flourishing here, and it is present in every new idea that comes to fruition--creating opportunity for people and businesses like mine, adding to an incredibly supportive community of likeminded people, and strengthening the notion that our imagination is our primary resource.

  • Dan Gunn - VIATeC

    Victoria is the kind of place that people decide they want to move to before they know what they will do when they get here. It brings creators and entrepreneurs that pick the life they want to lead and know they have the imagination and balls to find a way to make a living once they are here.

  • Sean Hoyne - Hoyne Brewing

    As a brewmaster that has been involved in the craft brewing industry here in Victoria for the last 24 years, it has been my honour and pleasure to witness the evolution of people's love for craft beer. I have seen people go from drinking nothing but mainstream tasteless bland swill, to becoming knowledgeable beer lovers who appreciate the fine flavours that beers from around the world have to offer. This collective expansion of consciousness can be witnessed across an immense variety of cultural avenues: people now also love fine coffee, fine beer and wines, we have an amazing array of culinary delights available, and the list goes on. We are truly fortunate!

  • Andrew Wilkinson - Metalab

    Anybody who thinks you need to start a company in San Francisco in order to build a great business is woefully misguided. Victoria has all the building blocks required at half the cost, twice the beauty, and none of the commute.

  • Sage Baker - Q5 Innovations

    Having had the opportunity to live and work in some great cities throughout North America, we chose Victoria to build a new type of technology company focused on collaborative commercialization for global health and wellness. I've been asked a number of times "Why Victoria?" and my answer is "Why the hell not?" It is a great place to live, work and play. And while not the standard place for headquarters, nothing about growing a new type business is standard—we have successfully built a company supported by an amazing global network who are all leaders in their fields…why not do it from here?

  • Shane Devereaux - Habit Coffee

    Being surrounded by so many great entrepreneurs who share, foster, and implement great ideas together is unique and remarkable. This truly is an open community where an active imagination is embraced and encouraged. Victoria is small enough that any short amount of time here will lead you to inspiring conversations with the many aiming to collectively make Victoria the place to be amongst small business.

Victoria, British Columbia: come for the thick groves of arbutus trees, and the long blue crest of the Salish Sea. Stay for a culture that breeds innovation. Artists and makers, coders, bakers and risk-takers, discover an economy fuelled by creativity. Imagine that.
Under Water